"You are the sum of challenges and joint goals"

The most valuable asset of our projects is people. We believe in business management based on the simultaneous creation of value for all the people and companies that interact with us. That is why at HD Group we believe that the four members of our model: employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders are fundamental pillars to address all present and future challenges, and to achieve the objectives we set ourselves.


"Your contribution is our growth".

We want our suppliers to make us grow and grow with us. We look for ways to maximise our agreements with suppliers so that they can offer their products or services to all the business units of HD Group. We want them to add, defend, create and enrich our projects. Become an HD supplier!



"We are a great team of professionals"

Our human capital is the most important resource we have at HD Group.
HD employees share a common vision of the value of effort, commitment to what we do and to the challenges we face. We seek continuous improvement because we enjoy and are excited about growing, and we know that none of us is as good as all of us put together.


"To decide is to grow"

The various shareholders of the HD Group are the driving force and soul of our company's decisions, and their commitment and determination shape the future of the HD Group. In this section you can access all the reports about the HD Group.



"Your satisfaction, our success"

We strive for customer satisfaction in all our business units. We are focused on always offering solutions to real needs, to continue to captivate and improve the HD experience.