"The story of a lifetime"

From the first stone to the creation of a company that has evolved with every change, with every step forward in our society. The living history of the progress of the Canary Islands business sector. We are everything we have lived, and it shows in each of the areas and projects we create. This is our history:


"A story with HD Quality"

  • 1st Supermarket Hermanos Domínguez - 1972

    The Domínguez brothers took over the shop run by their father in Calle Pío Coronado, in the Schamann district of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This shop would later be renamed Supermercados Hermanos Domínguez (HD). 

  • 1º HiperDino - 1985

    The first HiperDino establishment, as it is known today, is inaugurated in Miller Bajo, in the capital of Gran Canaria. 

  • Yudaya is established - 1988

    1988 when YUDAYA was founded, the company that would go on to form Grupo HD. With this step forward, the Domínguez family entered fully into the real estate world, and began to create what is today one of the most important shopping centres in the archipelago: the Las Arenas Shopping Centre.

  • Sale of HiperDino - 1996

    The chain had three supermarkets and was sold to the Vista Capital Fund, owned by Banco Santander, through the company Superdiplo, which already had supermarkets in Malaga and Cadiz.  

  • Purchase of HD Parque Cristobal Gran Canaria and the HD Beach Resort - 1997

    In 1997 they decided to buy the Parque Cristobal in Gran Canaria and the Aparthotel Las Arenas in Costa Teguise, what is now known as HD Beach Resort. Later they acquired land in Playa Blanca with the aim of creating a hotel and a “fishing village”.

  • Purchase of HD Parque Cristobal Tenerife - 1999

    In 1999, the Domínguez brothers closed the circle initiated in 1997 by buying the other Parque Cristóbal, this time in Tenerife. Despite the purchase, the company decided that other entrepreneurs would continue to operate its hotel assets. 

  • DinoSol Supermarkets is born - 2001

    The Dutch multinational Ahold Supermercados acquires Superdiplo. Subsequently, it would be renamed DinoSol Supermercados, S.L.

  • Ahold sells the company - 2004

    This year Ahold sells the company to the British private equity fund Permira.

  • HD Hotels is incorporated and HD Pueblo Marinero is opened - 2004

    The HD Group began to directly operate the hotels that they had acquired years before. Thus it was that in the same year that the hotel sector began with the opening of the HD Pueblo Marinero in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.

  • Major investment in renovation of the HD Group's hotel plant - 2005

    Renovations begin at HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria and HD Parque Cristóbal Tenerife

  • Repurchase of HiperDino - 2012

    In 2011 DinoSol Supermercados S.L. passed into the hands of a large group of banks, and in 2012 the Domínguez and Javier Puga brothers acquired the company and began its expansion. 

  • HiperDino and BP sign a partnership - 2014

    HiperDino signs an alliance with BP Service Stations and opens the first DinoShop in Arguineguín. 

  • DA+ is launched - 2014

    The DA+ Culture is launched, a homogeneous model for the entire company, which seeks excellence in customer service, always through the well-being and care of our teams.

  • Hiperdino.es is born - 2015

    The online sales channel hiperdino.es is born. Thanks to this sales and distribution method, we reach the eight Canary Islands.

  • Opening of the Alisios Shopping Centre - 2017

    The Alisios shopping centre opens based on an innovative and carefully designed concept that anticipates the future of the sector. Fundamentally, the keys are life, experiences, and emotions.

  • DinoSol Foundation - 2017

    Fundación DinoSol aims to promote individual, collective, and family well-being and to improve the quality of life of HiperDino employees and of Canarian society in general.

  • Launch of the 'Liga Canaria de Esports HiperDino' - 2018

    To promote the practice of e-sports in the archipelago as a leisure alternative and a tool for training skills such as attention, coordination and team planning. This is the raison d'être of the 'Liga Canaria de Esports HiperDino'. 

  • Renewal of Grupo HD brand identity - 2020

    Renewal of HD Group's corporate identity 

  • Integral renovation of HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria - 2021

    Comprehensive renovation of HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria (€11 million), including the modernisation of all its facilities, the creation of new spaces and a complete update of all the services and activities available at the hotel.

  • Purchase of HD Lobos Natura Fuerteventura - 2023

    The hotel chain HD Hotels has acquired the Oasis Village hotel in Fuerteventura as part of its expansion strategy in the Canary Islands. The company will make a significant investment to transform and reposition the hotel, which will be operated under the Family & Joy concept.


"A company for all"

We are a Spanish business group with origins in the Canary Islands, founded by the Domínguez family in 1947. Since our origins we have developed our business activity guided by solid family values and our objective as a group is to continue growing without losing that essence.