Measures to ensure well-being in Shopping Centres

María Nalda , Marketing director

HD Shopping Centres continue to implement their action plan to adapt the entire space to the new normal.

With the main objective of continuing to be a place of reference, safe and trustworthy for all its visitors, HD Shopping Centres continues to execute its action plan to adapt the entire space to the new normality.

The HD Shopping Centres have been carrying out the protocols and action plans since their reopening until the new normality, which includes all the hygiene and safety measures so that any visitor or worker feels safe during their visit to any of the three Shopping Centres that the Grupo HD has, Alisios, Las Arenas and El Campanario.  



The new normality has encouraged visits to the Centres, where it has been perceived that visitors were eager to go out again, socialise and see the novelties or special discounts that awaited them in the more than 131,500 m2 of commercial space that the Grupo HD has, always in a responsible and civic manner.  


Since their reopening in May, the HD Shopping Centres have implemented all the hygiene and safety measures to adapt all their spaces to this new stage. Among them we find:


  • Capacity control. The HD Shopping Centres already have a counting system, where they guarantee at all times that this is complied with both in the common areas and in the shops, which also have their own people counting system and also indicate a sign at the entrance of the establishments with the maximum legal capacity. The teams at the Centres help at all times to rearrange areas in order to maintain the required social security distance.
  • Cleaning and disinfection. Disinfection is reinforced and given priority in all mall areas, outside areas, toilets, mechanical ramps, lifts and most frequent contact surfaces. In addition, the Centres have ozone machines for areas such as toilets, lifts and other areas.
  • Toilets. Within the action plan, maximum disinfection has been prioritised so that they are cleaned more frequently, in addition to keeping a social distance both in access to them and in the washbasins themselves. The use of the family and breastfeeding toilets has been restricted to a single family, with no two family units being able to use them at the same time.  The aim is that the clients feel at all times in a safe environment, always guaranteeing the state of health and hygiene of the toilets. 
  • Hydrogels. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available to the public and can be found in many places and in all areas of the HD Centres. 
  • Establishments and opening hours. All HD Centre establishments have developed and implemented a comprehensive protocol with safety and security measures. They continue to encourage payment by card or other means that do not involve physical contact between devices, avoiding, as far as possible, the use of cash. The dataphone is cleaned and disinfected after each use, as well as the POS if the employee using it is not the same.  The opening hours of the CC HDs are adapted to the measures legislated.
  • Access to the centre. A series of rules of coexistence have been established to guarantee the safety of all visitors while they are shopping. To this end, security staff ensure that the minimum interpersonal distance of two metres is respected and avoid the formation of large groups and crowds that may form, paying special attention to the escalator and lift areas, where the elderly, families, and people with disabilities will have preference in the latter. 
  • Suppliers. A specific protocol has been drawn up for all suppliers, where it will be essential to maintain the distance when parking their vehicles, the use of epis, comply with forklift regulations, waste generation regulations, among others. 
  • Constant communication in real time. Through the music thread of the Centres and all specific media, visitors will be reminded of the preventive hygiene and safety measures to be taken into account, as well as any news, information on opening hours and openings, which will also be communicated through social networks, web, directories, the numerous screens and information points.


  • Activities and events. Free activities have been resumed with capacity control where the safety, protection, and hygiene of families is a priority at all times. 


HD Shopping Centres are adapting and reinventing themselves to the new situation in order to continue offering the best commercial offer in fashion, technology, automotive, leisure and restaurants in the Canary Islands.


María Nalda

Marketing Manager



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