Our young people, the consumers of tomorrow

Carlos García , Marketing and Communications Director of HiperDino

Consumer habits are constantly evolving.

Consumer habits are constantly evolving. This means that companies are looking for new ways to reach all audiences, especially young people, who, after all, are the consumers of tomorrow.

At HiperDino we know this well, and we are already working on trend analysis and the implementation of specific strategies to reach all of them, including young people between 18 and 35 years of age.

It was in October 2018 when we made our first approach to this audience and opened our HiperDino account on Instagram, the most popular social network among young people, followed by others such as YouTube and Facebook.

With fresh, current and curious publications and, taking advantage of our Anniversary, the first year we launched a very special raffle, which included a weekend with friends in a well-known accommodation and a boat experience. Since then, this account has continued to grow in number of followers and this year we raffled off being the image of one of our campaigns.



At the beginning of 2020 we wanted to go a step further, and we launched an ambitious advertising campaign in different media such as outdoor, digital television and social networks, consisting of three claims: Genuinamente Canarios, Descaradamente Frescos and Naturalmente Cercanos (Genuinely Canarian, Shamelessly Fresh and Naturally Close). A youthful, attractive and renewed image that has been very well received.

At the same time, we have improved the quality of the designs we launched in brochures, shop signage, outdoor, social networks and television, among other channels. All this without forgetting the HiperDino Canarian eSports League, the first competitive circuit at this level in the Canary Islands, which aims to meet the needs of gamers in the archipelago and promote a leisure alternative with which they can also work on skills such as teamwork, coordination, and concentration.

The second season of this league ended in July with 11,300 players and 216 competitions held, three times more than in its first year. In addition, a prize purse of more than 20,000 euros has been awarded. At the moment, we are working on the programming of the third edition.

Our Dino Family also continues to be very present, especially for the youngest members of the family. With fun and catchy songs, we want our mascots to be part of their lives, giving them positive, happy and educational messages.



Carlos García
Marketing and Communication Director of HiperDino

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