What is Innovation Lab?

At Grupo HD we believe in innovation since the beginning of our activity. This has been reflected in our history, from the conversion of the small business to a large surface area, to the continuous improvement in business models, as well as the disruption in them, covering totally differentiated and at the same time complementary sectors.

"Innovation as the basis for our growth, continuity and future"

In this way, the group is committed to innovation in all its aspects, internal and external, disruptive and incremental, all based on its values and centred on the lines set out in the general strategic plans and those specific to each business model.


To this end, all innovation actions are included in the “HD INNOVATION LAB”, with the intention of organising and organising innovation. This brings together actions to motivate this innovation both internally and externally, create a knowledge database and capture it in order to carry it out.


We count on people who know the organisation perfectly, as well as people with an entrepreneurial spirit in our society and who can help us to grow through different forms of collaboration.

HD INNOVATION LAB focuses its action framework under the umbrella of the following resources:

How do we make this possible?

With all these tools, the aim must be to achieve results that guarantee the continuity, improvement, and growth of the business, which is reflected in our annual innovation report.