SOLIDARITY: The human value par excellence

Virginia Ávila , Director Fundación DinoSol

Mutual collaboration between people, a feeling that keeps us united at all times

Solidarity is defined as the mutual collaboration between people, a feeling that keeps them together at all times, especially when going through difficult experiences. I personally consider it to be an awareness of the needs of others and a willingness to help to meet those needs.

The definition of solidarity is based on respect and empathy that leads us to understand that the other person requires our collaboration or support. Do you really perceive it this way?

Justice, friendship, empathy, and sensitivity are values closely related to solidarity.

But... Do you know the breakdown of the definition of solidarity?

For me, SOLIDARITY (Solidaridad) encompasses everything I want to convey in these letters. I ask you to make an act of reflection to give it the meaning and the value it has to have in our lives, in order to be able to give our best wishes. Each letter and each word contains an important message that has to live in our hearts and should not only exist in difficult moments.

The S for: SOLITUDE for the elderly, adults and children, who have absolutely nothing.

The O for: PRIDE of being a generous person, able to share with those who do not have your same possibilities in life.

The L for: FREEDOM to be able to choose to be a person who cares for others.

The I for: ENTHUSIASM to realise this text that I feel honoured to be able to share.

The D for: DEDICATION to this and other causes to improve the living conditions of everyone in need.

The A for: HARMONY for a fairer coexistence among all, in this world.

The R for: LAUGHTER because we want to give thousands of smiles to all those people.

The I for: IDENTITY because we are proud to be Canarian and to always be on the side of Canarian families.

The T for: RIGHT as it is a fundamental right for everyone to be able to live in dignity.

The Y for: LOVE we must love our neighbour in order to have a humble and clean heart to share with those who have less.

The D for: DUTY, we have to teach our children to respect and help others, as this is the only way for them to be people of solidarity tomorrow, and we have the obligation to transmit this value to them. By learning the definition of solidarity from childhood. In this way, you will be creating responsible adults.



A new time is beginning that requires responsibility, consensus, collaboration and working together. Understanding the concept of solidarity fosters cooperation, dialogue and affection, creating bonds that improve relationships.

Solidarity is an individual value that arises from the ability of the members of a community to act as a whole. This occurs because members share interests and needs with each other, thanks to the social ties that bind them together, like this group of companies that solidarity is exploiting everywhere.


Virginia Ávila
Director DinoSol Foundation

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