HD Sense Connect, the value proposition of the HD GROUP

Armando Rodríguez Gómez , Sales & Marketing Managing Director HD Hotels

Tourism must be compatible with sustainability.

We are living a kind of contradiction between one of the most difficult moments of our lives and one of the most exciting challenges that fill us with energy, creativity, and passion.


From a tourism point of view, in addition to an economic and health crisis that needs all governmental support, we are experiencing a crisis of mobility and confidence that needs, in addition to security, to offer the client a new tourism concept, a new way of living the experience of travelling.


During this period of confinement, we have regained close contact with our family, we have learnt to telework in the most efficient way, creating multidisciplinary work teams… We never thought we could have so many “calls” invading our personal space, our home; but we have also felt how nature is still alive, perhaps in spaces we have gained but demanding a new way of coexisting with the destination, with our industry, with our community and with our clients… a great challenge for the tourism industry.


Our environment is changing rapidly; with virtual communities, collaborative economy, new generations, a different way of travelling, of living experiences and for this at Grupo HD, we are committed to technology, sustainability and high-performance work teams, innovation open to external groups and social collaboration.


At HD Hotels, we believe that tourism is compatible with sustainability, and we are committed to innovation to achieve this.


HD Sense Connect is our value proposition in this complex environment, with an organisation that gives us the foundations to reinvent the traditional company, create quality employment and design spaces; improve efficiency with innovation, systems integration and data intelligence but above all to know the needs of our customers by creating a scenario in our hotels and an emotional lever with the creation of unforgettable experiences.


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